Info 2021

Conference Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Materials Info 2021

Prof. Alevtina Smirnova

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, USA

Prof. Dieter Bimberg

CIOMP of CAS Changchun China and TU Berlin, Germany

Magnus S. Magnusson

University of Iceland, Iceland

Dr. Alain Ponton

Université de Paris, France

Prof. Ajay Kumar Mishra

Academy of Nanotechnology and waste water innovations, South Africa

Oral Presenters

Learn and Interact from the best

Prof. Iva Rezić

University of Zagreb, Croatia

Dr. Maryam Jahan

Southern University and A&M College, USA

Dr. Sadhana Agrawal

National Institute of Technology Raipur, India

Prof. Anna Lagunas


Prof. Anabela Carvalho

CeNTI, Portugal

Prof. Raymond Compton Jagessar

University of Guyana, Guyana

Dr. Fouad Erchiqui

Université du Québec en Abitibi Témiscamingue, Canada

Prof. Andrey Dmitriev

Institute of Metallurgy of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Science, Russia

Prof. Arnaud Caron

Korea University of Technology and Education, Korea

Prof. Anatolie Sidorenko

Institute of Electronic Engineering and Nanotechnologies, Republic of Moldova

Prof. Vardan Apinyan

Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

Prof. Raoul Rashid Nigmatullin

Kazan National Research Technical University, Russia

Prof. Nikolaos Bouropoulos

Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas, Institute of Chemical Engineering and High Temperature Chemical Processes, Greece

Dr. Tomas Gadisauskas

Independent Researcher, Lithuania

Dr. Francesca Romana Lamastra

University of Rome “Tor Vergata” and INSTM, Italy

Poster Presenters

Materials Info 2021 Poster Presentations

Prof. Zviad. D. Kovziridze

Institute of Bionanoceramic and Nanocomposite Technology of Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi, Georgia

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