Materials Info 2021 – Testimonials (March 2021)

Materials Info 2021 conference was hosted in March 29th, 30th & 31st, 2021 on a virtual platform. Materials Info 2021 was a huge success with participants giving their positive feedback.

It was my pleasure to present our current results at your meeting, and I hope that we will have another collaboration in the future.

To you and all your collaborators, I congratulate the successful conference, and I wish you many more to come and to be even more successful.

Prof. Iva Rezić

University of Zagreb, Croatia

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to participate in Materials Info 2021. The conference was very well organized, with interesting presentations in a broad scientific field, and I was very happy to be a part of it.

Dr. Menelaos Tsigkourakos

National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Thank you for the interesting conference and warm host. I would like to ask when you are going to send the certificates and the book of abstracts.

Dr. Nikolaos Maniotis

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

I want to tell you that the conference was very informative and the organizing committee support was very important to the development of the activities.

Mr. Jorge A. Calderón

Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia

“The meeting was a success. There were a lot of interesting works”

Prof. Héctor O. Murrieta Sánchez

National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico

Thank you to the organization for organizing this superb virtual conference. I learned a lot from the best academicians during the conference.

Looking forward to more conferences in the future. All the best!”

Ms. Farah Alwani binti Azaman

Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT), Ireland

“It was really a nice experience.”

Dr. Ayush Khare

National Institute of Technology, India

I would like to note the good organization of the conference, the high scientific level of the presentations, and the high qualifications of the section leaders. Thanks, everyone.

Prof. Andrey Dmitriev

Institute of Metallurgy of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Science, Russia

“Thank you again for the organization and the smooth running of the conference.

Prof. Klaus-Ulrich Neumann

SRH University of Applied Sciences, Germany

“Thank you  for the opportunity to participate in the conference.

Prof. Annalisa Volpe

University of Bari Aldo Moro, Italy

“Thank you, well done.

Prof. Dieter Bimberg

CIOMP of CAS Changchun China and TU Berlin, Germany

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about my work.”

Prof. Sokrates T. Pantelides

Vanderbilt University, USA

In my opinion, the congress was very well organized and really, the real participation spirit was never absent during the conference. I appreciate a lot the effort and the organizational style of the organizers of the conference.”

Prof. Vardan Apinyan

Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

Indeed it was a very managed and well-organized event and I thoroughly enjoyed whatever time I could spend. This has given a very good platform for the researchers to interact with each other and make collaboration for future work. I found the conference very interesting and the topics were very relevant. I shall be happy to be connected with your conference as I also made good contact for future collaboration. Thank you..”

Prof. Ajay Kumar Mishra

University of South Africa, South Africa

Thanks for the opportunity to share my work on the virtual congress.”

Mr. Cristian L. Terán

Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia

“You did very good work with the organization and program of the conference.”

Prof. Antreas Theodosiou

Founder & CEO, Lumoscribe LTD, Cyprus

The conference was very interesting and two colleagues contacted me after my talk for further discussions.

If a new meeting will be organized in the future, I am interested to attend/chairing a session.”

Dr. Alain Ponton

Université de Paris, France

The conference was deeply stimulating and a learning opportunity. I am deeply grateful and honored for the invitation as a speaker to the conference and giving me the opportunity to come across the work of several outstanding materials science scientists/researchers across the globe.”

Dr. Sujasha Gupta

Johns Hopkins University, USA

Thank you. It was a pleasure to participate in Materials Info 2021, which was full of very interesting talks and presenters.

Just waiting for the next year edition.”

Prof. Anna Lagunas


Congratulations for the Organization and for the high quality of the plenary lectures and all the works presented in this virtual conference.

Prof. Nikolaos Bouropoulos

Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas, Institute of Chemical Engineering and High Temperature Chemical Processes, Greece

“It was a great honor for me to participate in this excellent conference.”

Prof. Magnus S. Magnusson

University of Iceland, Iceland

“Congratulations for organizing such a wonderful conference and giving me an opportunity to present my work.”

Dr. Sadhana Agrawal

National Institute of Technology Raipur, India